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August 1, 2014

It all started February 2009 at an YCA Hawksworth committee meeting when someone said “What else can we do besides the meetings and craft group?” I opened my mouth without thinking, as you do, without thinking of the consequences that followed – and then the Summer Walks began! It took a while to work out the ‘who, what, where and when’ in setting up a walking group. Who would be in charge? What are the risks? Where do we go? When do we do it?

Once that was sorted out we went on our first walk with 11 members for a 21⁄2 mile amble around the village of Menston.

Since then we have covered more than 85 miles with a total of 205 people turning up over the 28 walks. Some coming to every walk, some picking and choosing according to their choice or other commitments.

We have covered 13 miles of the Dales Way, 9 miles of the Leeds and Liverpool canal system and completed the Calverley Millennium Walk. We have seen 18 ponds or reservoirs along the way, crossed over or walked alongside 24 sections of waterways, wandered through 34 woods and struggled over or through at least 112 stiles. Phew!

We have a walk card given to us at our meeting prior to the scheduled walk showing the route, how long it is and where to meet. This fits neatly into a folder we are given each year.
One or two times during the walk when we feel the need to stop and take our breath and admire the views we have some snippets of history and local knowledge read to us which makes us go “Oow” or say “I did not know that” and then hope that we can retain that bit of useless information for another time!

The walks are just during the summer months and over the years have covered the full extent of the British weather, from being able to pour a cupful of rain from our boots to gales, mist, sunshine and the beautiful orange glow of a summer evening. Nothing though, deters the staunch Yorkshire spirit, of a breath of fresh air, a good walk, good company and the good Yorkshire countryside.

Mary Bowes, Secretary, Hawksworth branch 


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